Dedicated to reducing hunger & building a stronger community

Vehicle DonationThe Community Café is a local non-profit 501-C3 organization. The purpose is to provide the children to elderly, low income families, and people with disabilities with a FREE and more importantly a healthy meal with a sense of social connection.  In addition the Community Café provides meals to other area organizations such as; Grace House and the Boys and Girls Club of Deer River.

Thank you for being Dedicated to reducing hunger and building a stronger community with the Community Café.

The Community Cafe meals are available to anyone who is in need. There is no income or other financial qualification for a free meal. Each Monday through Thursday in Deer River and Tuesday & Thursday in Grand Rapids from 4:30 to 6:00 a nutritious three course meal is served. With the availability of low cost transportation, several patrons who would not be able to get to the Community Cafe are able to attend. Due to COVID, all meals are Take-out curbside to go in Deer River. Grand Rapids location you are able to eat in or take your meal to go.

Empty Bowls, one of the area’s favorite events.

The Empty Bowls Project is a fundraising event partnering the Community Cafe and Macrostie Art Center. While the proceeds do not benefit MAC, their partnership is crucial in making the event happen. Ceramic bowls are made for auction and for purchase with a meal. Besides raising money, each “empty bowl” signifies someone in need of a meal.

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The Community Café board considers longevity, community service, and continued community support to be its most important accomplishments. The Community Café serves the most fundamental need for life, food. According to a study done in 2010 of Itasca County, 1 in 6 people in our local communities go hungry every day. Based off of this information in Itasca County, a Population of roughly 45,000 people, over 7500 people are in need of some sort of food assistance, whether it be vouchers for use at a grocery store, qualification to receive food from the food shelf or the need for a full meal at the Community Café.